Andrew Holdsworth

Andrew Holdsworth

25 Years living the Oracle Database Real World Performance experience.  Andrew believes that good system performance is rarely an accident and most organizations get the system they deserve!Today running the Real World Performance Groups Andrew sees the challenges faced by Architects, Developers and Database Administrators to achieve excellent performance in an environment of fast changing technologies, business practices and continuous cost cutting and resource limitations.Throughout Andrew’s career he has focused his team on achieving performance excellence and never accepting "good enough” ! Because "good enough” is never “good enough" next week!


Tom Kyte

Tom Kyte is a Senior Technical Architect in Oracle’s Server Technology Division. Before starting at Oracle, Tom worked as a systems integrator building large-scale, heterogeneous databases and applications, mostly for military and government customers. Tom spends a great deal of time working with the Oracle database and, more specifically, working with people who are working with the Oracle database. In addition, Tom is the Tom behind the AskTom column in Oracle Magazine, answering people's questions about the Oracle database and its tools ( Tom is also the author of Expert Oracle Database Architecture (Apress, 2005), Expert One on One Oracle(Wrox Press, 2001/Apress 2004), Beginning Oracle Programing (Wrox press, 2002/Apress 2004), and Effective Oracle by Design (Oracle Press, 2003). These are books about the general use of the database and how to develop successful Oracle applications.


Graham Wood

Graham Wood is an architect in the database development group at Oracle. He currently works as part of the Real World Performance Group. Most of his 27 years at Oracle has been spent in performance related areas, including designing and tuning large high-performance systems, building monitoring tools such as Statspack, and in architecting performance and scalability features into the database itself with ASH, AWR and ADDM. Graham has presented at Oracle Open World and at many third party conferences around the world primarily on topics of designing and building and tuning high performance Oracle systems.